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Signos Ediciones Presentation, Constellation Intensive,

February 27, 2021

"Challenges in expanding the Systemic Constellation Work in Latin America, multicultural dimensions"


If you participate in this workshop you will find out by diving into history how such an eurocentric work as family constellations was possible to be included in the latin american continent. 

How some elements as for example religion and a long history of victim and perpetration dynamic and the desperate need to find peace in the soul were its powerful vectors.

Introduced bassically by women has spread through all the levels of these multicultural complex societes. Which is the work that still can be done? What about the need of this work can attract more men and  be even stronger?

What are the challenges and the pending work to do for example in systemic trauma work to empower the people of this continent where violence is one of the main ways of relationship: political violence, social violemce, gender violence.

We have experienced the process of development of the systemic work along the last 20 years since Bert Hellinger came to Latin America to bring his powerful tool of peace for all the systems and want to share it with you to provide resources for future perspectives.

Lic. Graciela Lauro


Signos Ediciones

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