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Frequently Asked Questions about the

New Online Training of Systemic Trauma Work

To whom is this training addressed?

This training is available for everybody, but its advantage is more intense for current or former students from Systemic Constellations and Somatic Experience prior trainings. 


How long does it last and how many modules are they?

The training lasts twelve months and there are twelve monthly modules, each one lasting three consecutive days: Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, from 5 pm to 8pm (time in Argentina).


Would I need to complete each module in their correct order? Could I skip any of the modules?

That would be up to customers since the modules start again by the end of each year.


Would it be helpful if I took other trainings with this same teacher years ago?

Yes, every training: conversations, seminars, older modules taken with Dr. Anngwyn St. Just will be considered in an academic equivalence process.


Certification obtained

Training in Systemically Oriented Trauma Work


What is the training’s dynamic?

They are living-theory related meetings with Systemic Constellations and Q&A segments.


Training languages

Originally in English into Spanish, live simultaneusly. Zoom Platform.


Who Certifies?

The Arizona Center for Social Trauma founded by Dr. Anngwyn St. Just (USA, Berkeley). Partial and Final Certifications given with the 70% of assistance.


About Enrollings

Registrations can be done by paying per each module, or it can be done by paying the entire (12 modules), or in 3 (three) payments.


How much does each module cost?

Modules will be always cheaper than their equals in the market, in terms of similar training efficiency and session hours. We discuss the cost per individual module and the cost for the whole training in private.


Will I have any benefit if I pay beforehand and I take part in the group?

Yes, there are specific dates for early payments with a preferential fee and there are also group fees. Contact us, the cost depends on the amount of members.


Who is essentially Dr. Anngwyn St Just?

She is a worldly recognized and experienced systemic trauma therapist, with over sixty years of experience with work in Trauma, a colleague of Bert Hellinger, and co-creator with Peter Levine, who integrated the practice of the three in their work methods for individuals, families, and groups. 

She is currently trying to open ways for this method in the Middle East like the innovative woman she has been throughout her long and successful career, training over ten thousand in every continent.

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