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Training Module about Systemic Trauma Work

Dr. Anngwyn St. Just Ph.D (USA)

Module 1

This integrative module experience explores an ongoing resonant and co-creative relationship betweem somatically oriented trauma work and the systemic constellation work in the tradition of Bert Hellinger. Working with individual, social and global trauma from a systemic perspective offers new windows of opportunity for deeper understanding of the Human Condition, along with expanded options for reducing overwhelm, healing broken connections and resolving hidden entanglements.

Understanding Collective Trauma Work.png

Understanding Collective Trauma Work

Dr. Anngwyn St. Just Ph. D. (USA)

Module 2

The concept of social trauma or of trauma extended further away from an individual towards the community, culture, nations, and Earth is still new. This workshop will cover this type of trauma and other overwhelming conditions.

Trauma por Compasión (Burnt Out) (2).png

Training Module about Systemic Trauma Work

Dr. Anngwyn St. Just Ph.D (USA)

Module 3

Compassion fatigue, burnout, cumulative overwhelm, secondary traumatization...this phenomena which has many names and countless variations, presents an ongoing challenge for personal and professional caregivers. Compasson fatigue is a state of emotional, physical and mental exhaustion, where one feels depleted, chronically tired, helpless, hopeless and bad, even cynical about oneself,work, life, and the state of the world

Generational Trauma Dr. Anngwyn St. Just

Generational Trauma
Dr. Anngwyn St. Just Ph. D. (USA)
Module 4

Is there such a thing as an "Ancestor Syndrome"? Like it or not..."We are not alone". This workshop will examine the issues of ancesteral legacy, known or unknown, gender, birth order and sibling dynamics, as well as the role of "co-incidences" intimate relationships , and life cycle transitions

Trauma, Sexuality and Reproductive Cicle

Trauma, Sexuality and Reproductive Cicle
Dr. Anngwyn St. Just Ph. D. (USA)
Module 5

This module about sexual trauma will focus on the overt and covert connections between violence and sexuality. Sexual trauma will be presented as a planet wide issue inclusive of the cross cultural and generational aspects of treatment, recovery and prevention. 

Dental Trauma - Dra. Anngwyn St. Just.png

Dental trauma
Dr. Anngwyn St. Just Ph. D. (USA)
Module 6

The potential for responses to post-traumatic stress occurs in conjunction with routine and emergency dental procedures at all stages of life. Both patients and professional caregivers are at risk of secondary or indirect trauma.


Trauma, Holocaust & Genocidal Events
Dr. Anngwyn St. Just Ph. D. (USA)
Module 7

Systemic Approach to Healing our Collective Traumas. While it is a fact that Man's inhumanity to Man is ancient and ongoing, it is also true that our individual,family and collective traumas can heal. 

Trauma en las Relaciones - Dra. Anngwyn St. Just.png

Trauma in Relationships
Dr. Anngwyn St. Just Ph. D. (USA)
Module 8

 In order to release the burdens of the past we use the newest techniques of trauma work and systemic constellation methods. An integrative opportunity to explore connections between our personal and familial destinies and the larger forces that shape human experience, as men, and women with troubled relationships longing to move out of fixation into flow by establishing a peaceful atmosphere of mutual respect.

Organizational Trauma, September 10 to 12 - Anngwyn St. Just (1).png

Trauma in Organizations
Dr. Anngwyn St. Just Ph. D. (EEUU)
Module 9

As we understand trauma as something that can happen as a result of a shock, fragmentation, broken connections and cumulative stress, when a system is so overwhelmed that it cannot bounce back to its original strength, the question arises as to whether organizations can be traumatized as well as people.


Trauma, Addictions & Postraumatic Stress
Dr. Anngwyn St. Just Ph. D. (USA)
Module 10

 We will maintain a clinical emphasis on working with the interrelationship of trauma with substance abuse, chemical dependency, eating disorders and process addictions. When challenged, addictions tend to "shape shift" and "morph" into other forms of problematic behavior.

Trauma, Time, Space and Fractals.png

Trauma, Time, Space and Fractals
Dr. Anngwyn St. Just Ph. D. (USA)
Module 11

In unresolved trauma, the past is always present and the experience of overwhelming life events can alter our perceptions of both time and space. A fractal vision of trauma views our individual human experiences, relationships, and families as an integral part of a much greater whole which includes Nature, culture and historical context.

addictions and postraumatic stress (1).png

Clinical Skills for Trauma Treatment
Dr. Anngwyn St. Just Ph. D. (USA)
Module 12

Effects of trauma will be addressed from a multimodal perspective , including physical structure, physiological process, emotions and belief systems relative to historical context and cultural identity. Participants will have an opportunity to observe clinical demonstrations of up to six sessions each day, followed by an overview with ample time for discussion.

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