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Dra. Anngwyn St Just, Dr. Peter Levine,



Anngwyn St. Just / Peter Levine / Bert Hellinger

Who is Anngwyn St. Just Ph. D. (USA)?

Dr. Anngwyn St. Just Ph.D. (USA) is the founder and the main international specialist in the Systemic Collective/Social Trauma®. She has advanced Academic Degrees, given by the Western Institute for Social Research, and the University of Berkeley (California). 

Dr. St. Just is a cultural historian, therapist, and a somatic educator, specialized in the development of diversified intercultural method, based on the simple transmission of concepts to educate, and heal Trauma. 

She currently leads the Arizona Center for the Social Trauma International (ACST International) and worked years before as a consultant for the Drugs and Alcohol Program in the University of Berkeley. 

For over forty years, she kept a co-creative relationship with Peter Levine, founder of Somatic Experiencing, a method employed by NASA used to work with Trauma. 

Dr. St. Just, who is an international speaker and has trained over ten thousand people around the world for over sixty years, wrote tenths of books about Trauma and Family Constellations, which have been translated to Spanish and German. 

So far, the books that have been published in Spanish are "Trauma and Human Condition in Latin America" (Trauma y Condición Humana en América Latina), "Time, Space, and Fractals Volumes I and II" (Tiempo, Espacio y Fractales I y II), "Trauma, A Question of Balance" (Trauma, Una Cuestión de Balance), and "Relative Balance in an Unstable World" (Balance Relativo En Un Mundo Inestable).

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