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Annwyn St. Just - Trauma, Tiempo, Espaci
Tapa - El principio femenino - Signos Ed
Tapa- La Sangre Tira - Signos Ediciones.
Tapa - Constelaciones para Organizacione
La Reconciliacion con el Origen y el Des
Tapa - El Arte de Multiconstelar - Signo
Karl-Heinz Rauscher - Atlantis - Signos
Tapa - Constelaciones Individuales - Sig
Tapa  - El Alma en Desorden - Signos Edi
Tapa - El Cuidado de los que Constelan -


In this second volume of her now celebrated book “Trauma: Time,

Space, and Fractals,” Anngwyn St. Just deals with intense urgency the

older and newer patterns of denial, lies, and complacency. To later track how these derive in dangerous social futures in their own country and around the globe. With the deep knowledge that “we are part of a family system connected with other systems by many relationships and cultures, and each individual trauma is found somehow linked to more extensive historic and cultural patterns,” the exquisite curiosity and her ability, unmistakably lead Anngwyn to recognize the systemic entanglement of trauma, with the individual, family, lineage, and collective narratives.


Karin Dremel

Annwyn St. Just - Trauma, Tiempo, Espaci
Trauma, Tiempo, Espacio y Fractales 2

“Again, Dr. Anngwyn St. Just astonishes us in this book, with her deep knowledge and experience as a Cultural Historian, specializing in Trauma and Systemic Constellation Facilitator. 

In a flawless manner, she describes the origins of the trauma and the impact of traumatic events in individual persons and entire nations. 

This is a book that invites readers to an introspection and a deep reflection that could -and must- awaken us, to keep us away from the historical repetition and impulse us to build a better and different present, and a more appealing future for the newer and coming generations that go with us and will inherit the planet after we leave.


Ingala Robl
Socióloga de la UNAM. Directora del Centro de Constelaciones Familiares Sowelu de México

Trauma y Condición Human en Amérca Latina

Victims and perpetrators that are part of a collective history remain a living presence in the atemporal reality within a group soul, being or not remembered clearly. Their voices stay whispering out of our reach. Our own individual interaction with some tribal souls we are part of may be consciously or unconsciously but cannot be denied. There is a lot that we still do not need to understand about this impossibility to avoid it and over the other choices we need to handle the situation.

                                                                                                                                                          Daan van  Kampenhout

Las Lágrimas de los Ancestros

A pioneer book and of necessary read for whoever wishes to have a first contact with the method for Family Constellations. 

It exposes with simplicity the basics for this job, it covers its foundations with respect, it sets paths to walk through any fields this valuable philosophy could be applied to and invites protagonists to give their testimony to keep working. 

As a person her viewpoint works as a guide for many, especially for those who begin to familiarize with this field. As a journalist her curiosity makes way for anybody who might need more depth and precision.

Loli Moreno

La Reconciliación con el Origen y el Destino

The Atlantis community begins in every individual who recognizes in themselves the principles of liberty, equality, and fraternity, and puts aside any devaluation of their own person and everybody else. This is the entrance to the Atlantis community, where everyone wins, and nobody loses. 

This book presents the idea of a new kind of community, which Karl-Heinz Rauscher developed based on the fundamental idea of the Philosophy of Unity.


     Karl-Heinz Rauscher is a German doctor who applies in his practice Bert Hellinger’s Family Constellations philosophy since he was Hellinger’s direct disciple. He is the creator of Healing Voices, an energetic shamanic method through which he can develop said practice with individuals and groups around the world.

Karl-Heinz Rauscher - Atlantis - Signos
Atlantis, La Nueva Forma de Comunidad
Tapa  - El Alma en Desorden - Signos Edi

The Disorderly Soul is a story about the life and love of a soul who returns home. This book tells us how aligning with the movement of love can save a life. It is the story of the vision and an understanding towards the inside of a love that was there, the love that forms and re-forms itself in the only ways that were possible. 

It is a wonderful book for students of any psychotherapy. Despite this is not a didactic book, it suggests clear and simple descriptions from the author’s personal experiences since her first Family Constellation.

                                                                                                                                                                             Colette Green,

                                                                                                                                                     Psicoterapeuta Integradora

El Alma en Desorden



There is a necessary symbiotic relationship between the Masculine and the Feminine. We will never find one apart without a sign of the other. The Masculine and the Feminine have their origins-simultaneously-in the same source. Eternally. That is why the Masculine journey is towards the center-the Heart-, where the Feminine is found. This is the odyssey, and the treasure is Wisdom.

Tapa - El principio femenino - Signos Ed
El Principio Femenino
Tapa- La Sangre Tira - Signos Ediciones.

It tells how family history can mark our lives and what are the ways to find healing options. 

The establishment of bonds between what happens in the here-and-now- in the subject’s life and the family -genetical- history induces the healing of the emotional-ancestral memory, that comes in a deep, healing, and liberating experience. 

Every human being lives in a permanent tension between being themselves and being another link to a chain that ties them to a family of origin and an ancestral family, the bigger the difference between both aspects, the bigger the suffering for that person.

La Sangre Tira

Constellations for Organizations and Business are an ideal complement for other ways of work applied in these systems, since they are characterized for bringing a deep diagnostic in a short time, something that assures them it can be the first step on a path towards a resolution. 

They are a tool that answers several questions about dynamics developed in family systems, many times unconsciously, overshadowing the efficiency of its functioning and inhibiting its growth.

Tapa - Constelaciones para Organizacione
Constelaciones para Organizaciones y Empresas
Tapa - El Arte de Multiconstelar - Signo

We live in a state of disconnection that shrinks our feeling and distorts it. In general, consultants reach us confused and asking us for orientation because they need to get back to their unity, which consists in a state of connection. 
We therapists feel in our hearts that sometimes our hands are empty, and we do not know how it is, but our lives are dedicated to contributing to this inner encounter, especially with our questions. 
This book has a didactic approach. We share a combination of experiences and we clear some doubts with the Multi Constellations, which consist in a therapeutic practice pointed towards the inner unity. 
It is filled with examples so readers can have these surprises on their hands, as if they were with us in each moment of our discoveries. 

El Arte de Multiconstelar

Eduardo Fain practices professional rigor and acts with human sensitivity. A so needed not usual alchemy makes him an atypical and trustful facilitator. 

In this book, he explains the relational matrixes. This is his contribution and keeps himself loyal to Hellinger’s philosophy. However, Fain spreads it while when he confirms it. When he expands it or highlights it, he enriches it, and he does it as simple as a teacher. I want to thank Dr. Fain for his generous dedication to investigation, and his contributions. I am sure that they will be welcome as much by those who follow this philosophy, as anybody else interested in their personal growth.


                                                                                                                                                                          Teresa Briozzo

Tapa - Constelaciones Individuales - Sig
Constelaciones Familiares y sus Matrices Relacionales
Tapa - El Cuidado de los que Constelan -



This is a book in favor of the Family Constellations that begin after a simple question: Are there any risks whenever we are part of a Constellation workshop? And after an affirmative response.

This is a useful book about intertwined and disciplinary integration between methods and therapeutical spiritual techniques, such as Family Constellations, Past Lives Therapies, and Shamanism.

BA. Graciela Lauro

El Cuidado de los que Constelan
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